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    We started to build some parts of our plugin in HTML and noticed that in vcenter version, the flex part of our plugin deploys fine, but the HTML views show this error. It works fine on versions 6.0 U1 and above, but not on this particular build. Was HTML supported on this version of vcenter?


    Error: Unsupported plugin dependency type css

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::PluginModuleLoader/loadDependency()

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::PluginModuleLoader/loadModule()

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::PluginClassLoader/onPluginInfoRetrieved()

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::PluginClassLoader/instantiate()

    at WorkItem_LoadingType()

    at com.vmware.flexutil::MxmlDeserializer/xmlToObjectInternal()

    at com.vmware.flexutil::MxmlDeserializer/processWorkItems()

    at com.vmware.flexutil::PseudoThread/onTimer()

    at com.vmware.flexutil::PseudoThread/start()

    at com.vmware.flexutil::MxmlDeserializer/xmlToObjectAsync()

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::ExtensionObjectParser/parse()

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::ExtensionObjectFactory/getObject()

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::ExtensionManager/createObjectInternal()

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::ExtensionManager/onResourceModulesLoaded()

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::MiscUtil$/loadResourceModules()

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::ExtensionManager/createObject()



    at com.vmware.ui.navigation::NavigationManager/onExtensionHostsRetrieved()

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::CallbackUtil$/callback()

    at com.vmware.extensionfw::ExtensionManager/getExtensionHosts()

    at com.vmware.ui.navigation::NavigationManager/onNavigationRequest()



    at mx.core::UIComponent/dispatchEvent()

    at com.vmware.ui.objectnavigator::ObjectNavigator/onNodeSelected()


    at mx.core::UIComponent/dispatchEvent()

    at com.vmware.ui.objectnavigator.views::CategoryNodeViewMediator/handleNodeSelection()

    at com.vmware.ui.objectnavigator.views::CategoryNodeViewMediator/onNodeSelected()


    at mx.core::UIComponent/dispatchEvent()

    at com.vmware.ui.objectnavigator.views::CategoryNodeListView/nodeSelectionOrFocusChanged()

    at com.vmware.ui.objectnavigator.views::CategoryNodeListView/__listView_selectionChanged()


    at mx.core::UIComponent/dispatchEvent()

    at com.vmware.widgets.controls.navigatorclasses::TreeNodeView/onNodeSelected()


    at mx.core::UIComponent/dispatchEvent()

    at com.vmware.widgets.controls.navigatorclasses::TreeNodeItem/setSelectedState()

    at com.vmware.widgets.controls.navigatorclasses::TreeNodeItem/setNodeSelected()

    at com.vmware.widgets.controls.navigatorclasses::TreeNodeItem/onItemClicked()



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    Same issue happened in my test env.  after adding the port group.

    I'm able to create VMs

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    my recent PC is AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 8 cores Processors,   64GB ram DDR5, GTX 980 Nvidia, SSD 240GB Xfury Kingston (Host),  SSD 240GB to Save Virtual Machines


    I need a virtual PC to use in Vegas 14 and render video.


    I installed a Virtual PC with  Windows 7 64bits 2 core total procesors 8 and 8GB ram assigned. but the audio run with noise effects, the video playing is slow..  Virtualization Engine is in Automatic.


    What is the optime configuration?


    i hope us can help me!


    Sorry my english.


    Thank you!

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  • 05/12/17--12:10: Re: Windows 2000
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    I am finding that I cannot get ret reliable connections using USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter utilizing the Realtek Chipset; I've tried two so far. I cannot not get the Windows 10 Guest to recognize these adapters when I plugged them into the guest directly. And when I configured them as bridged connections from the HOST the connection is not reliable and I lose a lot of packets. I've also had the same exact problem with a Windows 7 Guest. I will note that this problem did NOT exist in some earlier versions of Workstation 12.x


    I do not have problems of packet loss in the Windows 10 Host with these adapters


    The Adapters with the Realtek Chipset that I've tried are:


    Anker USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Aluminum AdapterModel:  A7611 - A7611 01 -

    SIIG Gigabit LAN Adapter JU-NE0611-S2


    I purchased a USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter based on the ASIX chipset - intentional purchase -, and I've had NO problems so far, either as bridged OR installing into the Guest Operating System. As an FYI the adapter I used:

    Plugable USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter Model: USB3-E1000


    I realize this is user to user but... VMware please fix this problem!

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    We're migrating from vCloud director to vRA 6.2.4 and testing and prepping stuff and one of them is using the vCloud catalog "templates" to continue to create clones in vRA.


    I'm having an issue with a couple vCloud director templates that I added to catalog and I removed the NIC and also unjoined from the domain before adding to vCloud catalog.templates.


    The problem is when the team takes a copy in the VC and adds a NIC and converts it to an actual template to use in vRA the creation fails to complete because the new VM is still grabbing the original VM IP from the VM in vCloud that it was created from and not getting a completely new IP from the list in vRA.


    Right now it only looks like its happening with Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 10. With Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 7 64b its been creating them fine and getting IPs and I have not had any issues with these from the same vCoud catalog.


    Does anyone know why this keeps happening and if you have a solution? Any help is much appreciated.


    Thanks in advance...


    I think I'm explaining it correctly but if it's not clear please ask for more info.


    Thank you

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    I was wondering how secure the parameters used when running the Run Program in Guest were.  Are they encrypted or are they sent in plain text.  Also when you copy a file from VCO to Guest or the reverse is that file encrypted?  Thanks

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    So two questions here:

    1.) This is less related to PowerCLI but still an issue Im having and maybe you fine people can assist. I am able to run scripts through PS and Powercli on a Win Server 2k8 Im using. When trying to do the same on a newer Win 7 laptop I get the following:


    Add-PsSnapin : No snap-ins have been registered for Windows PowerShell version 5.

    And now that I believe I resolved this particular issue (by uninstalling and messing with some folder paths etc) Im receiving the following:

    Cannot find file specified.


    Ive never experienced issues with using PS/CLI before and this is just a pain.


    2.) This is scripting related so no more common Windows issues here:


    I have a deployed Windows VM that is templated at the stage prior to accepting EULA and setting a password. I want to include in a script the following:  (also, is there a way t automate EULA acceptance etc?)


    1.) Power ON VM

    2.) Wait (presumably until I manually go through EULA acceptance and set password, which will then put me at the desktop)

         - I tried the following (roughly):  $waitfor = ($ping = do(test-connection "vmname") until ($ping))

                                                             Wait-Task $waitfor

    3.) I believe the VM will grab a DHCP address on a private 192.x address.

    4.) Break the Wait condition upon ping or any other reliable means (maybe check VM tools availability?)

    5.) Continue with the script to assign IP addresses, drives etc.


    Im having a hard time figuring out how I should tackle this.

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    For easier reference - 

       <!-- Manage view / Virtual Machine Level -->









      <!-- Adding actions on Virtual Machine -->





                 <!-- Adding protect action on Virtual Machine -->










            <!-- This filters the action to be visible only on VMs -->

















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    Thanks for posting, I see that the example there uses a SAS Expander for internal disks on that Dell server. That article is also about a year old many things chance.


    The other example is for SAS passthrough on blades, no documentation at all on any other setup, in particular on rack mount servers. Either it's not supported, or VMware is lacking on releasing clear documentation on the type of support.


    Several releases later and no support for something a lot of customers are asking about. Too bad.


    Thanks for posting, unfortunately it doesn't help me much

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    Technically you should be able to. But would you have enough infra to run a vRA setup while following the best practices?


    Also, if you can invest in vRA you can definitely invest in vSphere Ent+ too.

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  • 05/12/17--13:21: Re: NSX Edge ECMP + NAT
  • This is more of a Routing over VPC query support on Nexus 5K platform , as opposed to NSX Edge etc.

    From your explanation it seems N5K is without L3 Daughter card ( or at least not used for L3 Peering with R1/R2 and NSX edge ) and

    the topology is similar to Figure 51 in which is supported on N7K Platform and I believe it is on N5K as well . You may also want to look into Supported Topologies for Routing over Virtual Port Channel on Nexus Platforms - Cisco and Using Layer 3 and vPC on the Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Device  [Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches] - Cisco Systems


    On NSX side: You may want to align the deployment with Figure 50 and Figure 110 of NSX design Guide…


    Specifically ..

    1. You may want to enable Totally Stubby NSSA area on R1/R2 and configure them as ABRs with both R1/R2 performing Type 7 to Type 5 Translation, This will minimize the OSPF Database entries/SPF calculations on NSX Edges / DLR

    2. Enable ECMP on NSX Edge to install R1/R2 as possible NH's for the default route in RIB/FIB and send traffic to both R1/R2

    3. Enable GR on R1/R2 to assist Edge Failover ( Active--> Standby )



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    Just to add instead of specifying the controller one can use "master" keyword to facilitate automation i.e. in e.g. below


    curl -k -u <USER>:<PASSWORD> -H "Accept: text/plain" -H "Content-Type: application/xml" https://NSXMGR-ADDR/api/1.0/nsx/cli?action=execute -d "<nsxcli><command>show logical-switch controller controller-4 master vni 5000 mac</command></nsxcli>"

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    Have you tried this KB? Basically to create a new mount ISO action in vRA/vRO rather than using VMRC.


    Mounting a CD-ROM or ISO in vRA using vRO (2065784) | VMware KB

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    Sorry, but didnt work for me. I have created a category named "Environment" and three tags (Prod, Dev and test). When I create the View, in the filter Menu i choose the tag in the following structure:

    [<Category-tag>]. For example [<Environment-Dev>]. Doing this i receive garbage results a graph with variables like [..] [,,,] [,,,,,].



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    I had this same issue and found SynTP in the keyboard entry, removed that as per the instructions above, rebooted the vm and then it worked fine. My machine was also Win 10 x64.

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  • 05/12/17--14:05: Lost SSO password
  • Hi,


    is is it possible to recover the password for administrator@vsphere.local account?


    ive inherited a vsphere 6.0 system, but no one knows the SSO administrator password, it was set previously by whoever configured it, and said person no longer works here. I believe it is the only SSO admin account created as was the default install one.


    ive tried resetting it using the KB article, but obviously that fails as my account is not an SSO admin, so can't do it, or  see what users/groups are defined as SSO admins.


    Is it possible to recover it or are we just going to have to rebuild it? It's a vcenter 6 with embedded PSC/SSO? Would a support call be any use to recovering it or am I just being hopeful?

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    Thanks LucD. It's partially working as the VlanID is blank.


    These are reporting fine: vCenter, VMHost, PortGroupName, IP, but VlanId is blank. Please help.


    Not sure if this makes difference: we are using all Distributed vSwithces, no Standard vSwitch.



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    Thank you for the log file and screenshots, VDINinja311.


    Looking at the FlexEngine log file, there is no difference between the Horizon Smart Policies settings that are applied during logon, and the settings that are applied during the UEM refresh. In both cases we see [INFO ] Applied Horizon Smart Policies settings, without any warnings or errors.


    I think the next step in troubleshooting this would be to review the Horizon-related logs for the components that take their config through Horizon Smart Policies. Unfortunately, I don't know where to find these logs, how to enable them, or how to interpret them – I only know about the UEM side of Horizon Smart Policies :-(

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    ESXi 5.5 build 1892794

    Veeam backup

    machine - Window 7


    A few days ago, a machine was frozen during a snapshot (progress at 50%, stuck over half a day).  We called support and they went through to locate the stuck process. Support rebooted the VCenter and then I believe killed the process.  The machine became corrupted.  We had to restore entire machine.


    Same issue occurred to the same machine about 1.5 months ago.  The support killed the process and it was fine. No restarting of VCenter.


    I was told there wasn't any abnormally but to look at the case in more details, they have to turn on more logging which will be disk space intensive.  Over the years, we haven't seen anything like this.  The closest thing was a "stun" process for a split second.  As of now, we don't back up that machine anymore.  Just curious if anybody have similar issue.  My worst nightmare would be one day it does that to a more critical machine.



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